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Women's Natural Health is a conscientious organization dedicated to providing quality nutritional products for women's health concerns. With a strong focus on research and development, we strive to market effective natural formulas which give clearly noticeable benefits to the user.

About Our Organization

Women's Natural Health is a conscientious organization dedicated to developing quality nutritional products for women's health concerns. The mission of our organization is to provide natural, effective products as well as to research and disseminate information about natural health which may be of interest to our members and other interested readers.

A direct-mail company based in Hawaii, our products are backed by our confidence and our guarantee.

Our nutritional supplement formulated for women with Endometriosis has been available since 1991, followed by our Menopause formula soon thereafter. These formulas are combinations of herbs and trace nutrients which were each found to be beneficial in their own way.

Women's Natural Health was created simply because we were a group of people who were in a great deal of pain and the quality of our lives was being severely compromised.

We felt that there just had to be a better solution than invasive surgery, numbing painkillers or hormone drugs. However, we cannot take all the credit for developing our formulas because we consider them to be a sort of "miracle," and our part in this drama is just to make the formulas available those who are in need of them. As a result of this journey of research and observation, we have come to a conclusion which sets us apart from everyone else who is dealing with Endometriosis. We stand by our belief that Endometriosis is not really a disease at all, but simply a hormonal imbalance which can be quite treatable without creating misery for the patient.

The founding members of our core group have all suffered from the effects of either endometriosis or menopausal symptoms, and are all using our products on a continuing basis in order to control symptoms and help us to live normal lives. One of the key partners in our company, a very successful and innovative chiropractor, became involved when his wife was suffering from endometriosis and he had not been able to find any other acceptable help for her. Another associate began working with us when her endometriosis became so severe that she was facing the reality of a radical hysterectomy.

Thus, as a group of friends helping each other, we were able to research different possible solutions as well as serving as the test subjects for our ideas.

Other members of our extended family and staff originally came to us after hearing of our work through friends whose endometriosis had improved since using our supplement.

Many have been able to give generously of their time, helping us to stuff envelopes or attending women's support group meetings in their area. In total, most of our "members" (our long-time customers) have come to us by referral.

During these years of working with women who have "Endo," we have been able to help many who had no where else to turn. Although we are happy to help everyone, these particular case histories give us the most joy.

When you are suffering from an illness and feel you have already considered all of your medical options, it can seem unrealistic and unbelievable that any other help can be available. This is why our most severe cases are so precious to us ... because they came to us in desperation, as their last hope. Even in an imperfect world, faith should have its reward. Therefore, we cannot imagine any field of work which could be more gratifying than ours!

Our current line of products includes the following natural herbal and nutritional formulas:

  • Endo-Fem with PMS Plus: Herbal formula contains Vitamin B6 and a unique blend of popular herbs which are known for their effectiveness in relieving menstrual cramps and other female cyclical problems. Endometriosis is estimated to affect over 12 million women in the U.S. today, with ages ranging from 16 to 44 years old.
  • Meno-Fem menopause formula: Natural herbal Blend combines Potassium and Sea Kelp as well as Uva Ursi, Gravel Root and other herbs which help relieve menopausal "hot flashes," mood swings and other discomforts associated with the "change of life."

WOMEN'S NATURAL HEALTH, ENDO-FEM and PMS PLUS are registered trademarks, registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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